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Guide to Task Words in VCE Economics

Guide to Task Words in VCE Economics

This resource is a definitive guide to task words in VCE Economics.

Experienced VCE Economics teacher Shaun Brien has conducted a deep exploration of the study as well as Economics exams from the past 10 years to create this guide to responding to task words in VCE Economics.

This guide includes an explanation for each of the 13 main task words in VCE Economics, specific tips to success when responding to each task word and finally scaffolded structured questions across multiple levels to challenge students of any ability level or build student confidence to the highest level.

Sample pages for this product can be found at the following link:

If you are a student wishing to purchase this resource for your own individual use, use the chat function below to contact us and submit proof of your student for an exclusive 50% discount code. (For individual use only)


Unauthorised copying of this resource is not permitted and by purchasing this resource you agree to the terms in which this resource may only be shared within your school (for educational purpose) or for your own individual use.

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