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Important things to know for the 2023 Exam

Hey all! Apologies that it's been so long between posting. I started work at a different school and the work has been incredibly rewarding but time consuming. I just wanted to check in to make sure you know two really important things for the upcoming 2023 VCE Economics Exam.

  1. You are now allowed to bring a scientific calculator into the exam. This is obviously a big change and could have some interesting ramifications about the numbers that VCAA gives in exam questions for you to meet the key skill of 'Calculate relevant indicators'. Some schools haven't noticed that this change has come in but it is really important to know so that you aren't disadvantaged on any assessments or the exam!

  2. A sample exam of questions relating to the new study design is out. This exam is really interesting to look at so far in terms of the type of questions that could be asked on the exam. Although in the short answer there is an error in question 1 that clearly didn't get picked up in proof reading. It is really interesting to note the amount of explain questions for 2 marks and the strange wording of some of the questions.

I hope that the start of the 2023 school year has been good to you.

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